Established in 2009, Craftwork Projects is an internationally recognised collective of designers and makers. The brainchild of Ian Zawadzki and Keziah Barton-White, a Brighton-based couple who have each clocked up over 20 years experience in the film/events industry, the company is a culmination of their talents as an artist and maker, and a producer respectively. 


What we do

We specialise in feature walls, surface design and treatments, custom made furniture, props and signage. We are a multi-disciplined company, providing design, manufacture and installation services, and we incorporate some of the latest innovative effects and finishes used on feature film sets. Our background in film set design and construction allows us to offer a unique set of skills to a growing number of commercial companies. We can help develop a concept with draughting, digital realisation and 3D prototyping, as well as providing physical samples to help aid the overall aesthetic of an idea.


How we do it

You come to us with an idea or full brief, we chat with you over all your requirements…we do some brain storming in our laid-back Brighton studio and then we initiate the technical side of the project. With an in-depth budget, drawings & visuals, physical samples and detailed schedule of works to make sure the project is successfully brought in on time.

We work with an enormous variety of materials and have access to the latest spray-paint technology, foam / resin moulding and CNC milling machines.

We can take your brief all the way through from design to installation. We have a whole spectrum of talent ranging from production & project managers, designers & art department, all the way through to construction crew including; carpenters, metal workers, specialist painters, modellers / sculptors and artists. 

Some of the things we are most commonly asked to do is surface replication and artist inspired finishes. 
We have bounds of experience in this field, whether it's working on high end films, private houses or restaurant chains.

We replicate many finishes and surfaces... concrete, brickwork, rock-face, marble, wood, metallic finishes and more - these are durable and competitively priced with short lead times.

We also make bespoke sets, furniture, signage and props. Designed to order or to your brief.


Why we do it

We are incredibly passionate about design and craft.

Craftwork Projects was born in the British film industry after a realisation that the skills and methods employed there were transferable to other industries. We wanted to share our knowledge and really reach out to other businesses that may never of had access to the kind of skills we have.

Overall, our approach is different. We come from a very creative background and our craftsmen are used to working in a creative environment - an environment that your average tradesman wouldn’t have had experience in. Our team show real care, diligence and passion for what they do and have worked with some of the world’s best production designers and architects. We feel our work speaks for itself.